Stones in the Moonlight - Trevor Grimshaw
Stones in the Moonlight

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Trevor Grimshaw (1947 ľ 2001)

Born in Hyde Cheshire and studied at Stockport College of art from 1963 to 1968 Trevor developed his individual art style which was primarily black and white pencil drawings but he was also successful with other medium.

He had a passion for steam engines and took many photographs of steam trains and locomotives and steam formed a great part of his drawing history. Trevor published a small book with Mike Harding of some of his railway photographs titled The Singing Street. Many of his most desirable pictures feature railway subjects.

While Trevor Grimshaw is most celebrated for his black and grey graphite portrayal of post-industrial Britain (e.g. canals, cityscapes, viaducts, steam trains) his portfolio included diverse other subjects such as megaliths, Stonehenge, quarries in North Wales, motorway construction and the solstices (often in combination). Colour pictures largely depicted Cheshire landscapes, and pictures of Clarice Cliff ceramics.

Trevor Grimshaw pictures feature in many collections both public and private.

Trevor Grimshaw held his last exhibition in County Museum and Art Gallery atáProstejov, Moravia, Czech Republic, his 50th show in his 50th year and it is well documented that he became a reclusive alcoholic and that he died in a house fire in November 2001.

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