Level Crossing With Trian - Lowry
Level Crossing With Train

Houses With Trees - Major
Houses With Trees

Big Bertha Comes to Lees - Bradley
Big Bertha Comes to Lees

Rooftops - Major

St Marys, Beswick - Lowry
St. Marys, Beswick


Millennium Art presents a range of original paintings and signed limited edition prints by some of the best known North West artists including L. S. Lowry, Harold Riley, Trevor Grimshaw, Arthur Delaney, Theodore Major, Bob Richardson and Roger Hampson along with a few other artists.

Millennium Art aims to provide top quality highly collectable works of art that offer excellent investment opportunity at prices that compare favourably with high street galleries and Internet suppliers.

Millennium Art is an Internet based company committed to providing quality paintings and signed limited edition prints to discerning clients. Whether your requirement is for your dining room or your lounge or as a gift for someone else we can provide for you a picture that will be both decorative and impressive and at an attractive price.

If you would like to view the works available from each of the above artists just click on the buttons above and you will find a thumbnail representation of the works available by each artist and details associated to each item. By clicking on a chosen picture you can view a larger image of the selected picture. If you are looking for a specific picture by a particular artist then I can often obtain pictures to order at little extra cost.

If you are interested in purchasing a particular picture simply give us a call or complete the electronic enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

All pictures displayed on this web site are subject to copyright legislation and the unauthorised printing, copying, or distribution of these images will be in breach of such copyright legislation.

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