Huddersfield - Lowry
Going to the Match

Laurence Stephen Lowry 1887 - 1976

L. S. Lowry is without doubt the best known of the 20th century Manchester artists much famed for his 'matchstick men', depicting life in the mill towns of his native Lancashire. In his early days Lowry was taught by Adolf Valette at Manchester College of Art.

Original paintings by Lowry sell for huge sums of money; in fact Going to the Match - the original painting - which was painted in 1953, was purchased by the PFA for an unprecedented £1.9 million and other original works have been sold for more than £1 million at auction. The signed limited edition of Going to the Match, which was limited to only 300 copies, is the most desireable of Lowry signed prints.

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In addition to the Signed Limited Edition artwork shown on this page, you may be interested in our range of Unsigned Limited Edition Prints by L. S Lowry.

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