Houses With Trees - Kathleen Major
Houses With Trees

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Kathleen Major (1905 - 1977)

Kathleen Major lived her life somewhat in the shade of her artist husband Theodore Major, who was much aclaimed and when his art came to the market the prices were quite high.

When Theodore Major died in 2000 a number of unsigned pastel drawings came onto the market and they were promoted as being by Theodore Major, few people had heard of Kathleen Major whereas Theodore Major had a great reputation. This created a great deal of confusion in the art market and even as late as autumn 2012 a picture was sold at auction as 'after Theodore Major' when it was clearly a pastel by Kathleen Major.

Kathleen Major who had painted all of her life, suffered a severe stroke when she was 59 and despite all of the predictions she went on to paint a further 13 years. Her work reflects a love of plants and flowers, storytelling and music, and her Christian faith.

At the end of 2012 Kathleen Major had a retrospective exhibition at Gallery Oldham and her work has become increasingly collectable, it has always been very decorative.

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